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Diamond Cutting And Faceting Machine

Company Overview
O.M.P.A.R. have been creating patented diamond cutting machines for the jewellery making industry: simple machines and multifunctional devices capable of achieving, with easy operation, all the various patterns on jewellery and accessories, thus lending them added value. Our objective was to offer the world market machinery that was technologically state of the art, but which at the same time allowed jewellery designers to fulfil and carry out in practical applications their most imaginative ideas. This means diamond cutting machines that are easy to use, fitted with “intelligent” equipment and accessories that permit the realization of decorations and finishes once created only by hand.


Diamond cutting machine for surfacing and bevelling on chain

Wedding Rings - Bangles

C.N.C. Diamond cutting machine for wedding rings and bangles

Beads, Rosary Chains, Strip and Medals

Diamond Cutting Machine for Beads, Rosary Chains, Strip and Medals