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Laser Welding, Marking & Engraving Machine

Company Overview
OROTIG offers a broad range of high quality LASERs, specifically devised to meet the demands of companies seeking such innovative and advanced technology. Each OROTIG LASER-based equipment - continuous or pulsed wave LASER - with fiber or crystal sources - for Welding or Marking - is developed to meet the needs of customers, keep management costs to a minimum and optimize productivity.

EVO Series

Thanks to the multiannual experience in the Laser field Orotig has developed the EVO Series: compact, reliable and high-performing. Power range from 60 to 200 Joules, capable to satisfy all categories of customers, from dental labs to jewelry shops, to eye-glass frames repairers. EVO 200, EVO125, EVO 100, EVO 60

Mini Midi

REVO Series

Orotig introduces the new Laser welder generation, the REVO Series. It’s equipped with On Board Camera and built-in display. Thanks to the electronic cooling system is possible to work 24/7.

Mark UNO

The Latest Compact High Peformance Laser welder 130J Model.

Laser Marking, Engraving, Cutting

The "Open" structure is designed to ease the access to the marking area and the manipulation of pieces, This LASER-marker is the perfect tool for those requiring a small machine with great versatility.

RR Series

The LASER Writer RR Series has been designed with the specific intent to mark texts, logos, designs and graphic patterns and cut metal plates. This equipment is used to mark/engrave also the most graphically elaborated and complex designs, so obtaining excellent results. Thanks to the powerful laser sources 70-100-130W it’s possible to cut metal sheets over 1.6mm of thickness.

TDL Cutting System

TDL 500 is the new Orotig device developed for serial engraving and cutting in the mass production. Thanks to the double Laser Head it's possible to engrave and cut precious metals, steel and other alloys.